Over the years we’ve developed a sound understanding of the IT industry, having worked with all kinds of businesses in the sector, ranging from software developers to hardware manufacturers.

In an industry that is increasingly built around subscription models and service contracts, we recognise the importance of revenue recognition and work closely with our clients to ensure profits are maximised. This is particularly critical for those business owners looking to exit, as the earnings multiples can often be significant.

Where recurring revenue is present, we ensure clients have sufficient financial controls and systems in place to capture all revenue. We also assist clients with credit control, making sure cash is received in good time to allow businesses to invest and grow.

In an industry where innovation is rife, our close relationships with clients and detailed knowledge of Research & Development tax credits has helped clients unlock huge amounts of cash from this generous tax incentive. In fact, it is not uncommon for highly profitable IT businesses to pay no corporation tax year on year, through claiming R&D tax credits.

New Net Technologies

"As a high growth technology company, it has been great to work alongside accountants that actually use tech themselves! Their proactive approach has helped realise efficiencies in our business, such as the implementation of improved processes and the utilisation of tax reliefs. Possessing the skills to produce accurate forecasts, in a complex subscription model business, has proven invaluable for our management team."

Mark Kedgley - CTO


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