• UK payroll processing

  • RTI administration and compliance

  • End-of-year preparation and submission

  • Auto-enrolment administration and compliance

  • Payroll process review and advice

  • Electronic payslip production

There’s no doubt about it, as your business grows, so does the complexity of your payroll. Once you’ve got a team working for you, it becomes increasingly tricky to stay on top of salaries and processing payments, not to mention time-consuming too. 

We provide a professional, flexible and confidential payroll service. As an employer ourselves, we understand how important it is that your staff get paid accurately and on time. That’s why we cover all aspects of managing payroll, taking on the hard work so you don’t have to. 

We’ve got years of expertise in running client payrolls. Whether you are a new company that needs to set up a payroll scheme and register for all taxes, or you simply want to switch from your current provider, we will offer an affordable solution to fit your needs.

We’ve got you covered for all of the other main tasks associated with your payroll. All processing is taken care of, and we also handle RTI administration, whilst making sure that you’re fully compliant. All end-of-year material is prepared and submitted on time, whilst we also handle auto-enrolment – something that has proven stressful for small businesses in recent years. 

We use HMRC compliant payroll software, ensuring you will always be up to date with current legislation. This software includes electronic payslips which streamline the process, increase security and are environmentally friendly. Whenever you’re in need of help, our team of experienced payroll professionals are always on hand to provide advice and guidance. If you need to find out any information about your staff salaries, or want to obtain a report, we’re only a phone call or email away. 


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